MSc and PhD supervision

Current Supervision

Clayton Baker, MSc, An Empirical Investigation for Patterns of Belief Change in Human Reasoning, UCT, 2020-

Guy Paterson-Jones (Co-supervisor: Giovanni Casini), MSc, KLM-Style Defeasible Reasoning for Datalog, UCT, 2020-

Michael Harrison, MSc , An algorithmic approach to rational preferential reasoning for Datalog, UCT, 2018-

Alberto Tagliaro, MIT, Ontology Mediated Groundwater Management, UCT, 2016-

Past Supervision

Abraham Parbhunath (Co-supervisor: Louise Leenen), MIT, An analysis of cybersecurity culture in an organisation managing Critical Infrastructure, UCT, 2018- 2021

Rachel Drake (Supervisor: Deshen Moodley), MIT (with distinction), A semantic Bayesian network for automated share evaluation on the JSE, UCT, 2019-2020

Victoria Chama, MSc, Explanation for Defeasible Entailment, UCT, 2018-2020

Julian Chingoma, MSc, Enriching deontic logic with typicality, UCT, 2018-2020

Adam Kaliski, MSc (with distinction), An Overview of KLM-Style Defeasible Entailment, UCT, 2018-2020

Wiebke Toussaint (Supervisor: Deshen Moodley), MSc (with distinction), Evaluation of Clustering Techniques for Generating Household Energy Consumption Patterns in a Developing Country, UCT, 2016-2019

Gavin Rens, Claude Leon Postdoctoral Fellow, UCT, 2017-2018

Anesu Marufu, PhD, Robust and Cheating-Resilient Power Auctioning on Resource Constrained Smart Micro-grids, UCT, 2016-2018

Blessing Ojeme (Co-supervisor: Audrey Mbogho), PhD, Adoption of ICT4D frameworks to support screening for depression in Nigerian universities, UCT, 2016-2018

Mary-Jane Antia, MIT, (Multilingual) Knowledge Representation for Epistemological Access, UCT, 2016-2018

Leonard Botha (Co-supervisor: Rafael Peñaloza), MSc, The Bayesian Description Logic BALC, UCT, 2016-2018

Gavin Rens, Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRUKZN, 2015-2016

Nishal Morar (Supervisor: Aurona Gerber), MSc, Extending Classical Reasoning for Classification Queries over Ontologies, UKZN, 2014-2016

Giovanni Casini, Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRUP, 2014-2015

Nasubo Ongoma (Co-supervisor: Maria Keet, MSc (with distinction), Formalizing Temporal Attributes in Temporal Conceptual Data Models, UKZN, 2014-2015

Szymon Klarman, Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRUKZN, 2013-2015

Ivan Varzinczak, Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRUKZN, 2011-2015

Kody Moodley (Co-supervisor: Uli Sattler), PhD, Practical Reasoning for Defeasible Description Logics, UKZN, 2011-2015

Giovanni Casini, Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRUKZN, 2012-2014

Gavin Rens (Co-supervisor: Gerhard Lakemeyer, PhD, Formalisms for Agents Reasoning with Stochastic Actions and Perceptions, UKZN, 2010-2014

Ivan Varzinczak, Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIR, 2008-2011

Kevin Lee (Supervisor: Norman Foo), Inconsistency Management for Description Logics, PhD, UNSW, 2005-2012

Kody Moodley (Co-supervisor: Deshen Moodley), MSc (with distinction), Debugging and Repair of Description Logic Ontologies, UKZN, 2009-2011

Riku Nortjé (Supervisor: Arina Britz), MSc (with distinction, and recipient of the Council Platinum Award), Module Extraction for Inexpressive Description Logics, UNISA, 2009-2011

Gibson Chimamiwa (Supervisor: Aurona Gerber), MSc, Using Ontologies to Semantify a Web Information Portal, UNISA, 2008-2011

Ka-Shu Wong (Supervisor: Norman Foo), PhD, UNSW, 2005-2009

Anne Cregan (Supervisor: Norman Foo), PhD, Weaving the Semantic Web, UNSW, 2004-2008

Zhiqiang Zhuang (Supervisor: Maurice Pagnucco), MSc, Belief Change Under the Horn Fragment of Propositional Logic, UNSW, 2005-2006

Tanya van der Vyver, MSc (with distinction), Modal Logics, UNISA, 1998-1999

Honours Project Supervision

Clayton Baker, Claire Denny, Paul Freund, Honours Project, Cognitive Defeasible Reasoning, UCT, 2019.

Matthew Morris, Tala Ross, Honours Project, Defeasible Disjunctive Datalog, UCT, 2019.

Solomon Malesa, Pieter Cilliers Pretorius, Honours Project, EXPLOG – Explanations in Logic, UCT 2019.

Luke Neville, Elijah Roussos, Honours Project, DBR, UCT, 2018.

Joshua Abraham, Thomas Pownall, Honours Project, Defeasible Datalog, UCT 2018.

Guy Green, Andrew Howe-Ely, Propositional Typicality Reasoning (PTR), UCT 2018.

Jonathon Clark, Jason Smythe, Honours Project, Blockchain, UCT, 2017.

Michael Harrison, Reid Swan, Honours Project, Preferential Reasoning for Ontologies, UCT, 2017.

Luke Kingsley Bell, William Lumala, Gavin Wiener, Honours Project, Mobile Onboard Vehicle Event Recorder, UCT 2016.

Saleem Manjoo, Michael Pepper, Marcel Teixeira, Honours Project, Social Engineering Prevention Training Tool, UCT 2016.

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